Friday, 16 February 2018

OMAD Intermittent fasting DAY 204! Day 19 of 30 of the Carnivore diet!

Hi everyone: It's day 204 of omad and day 19 of the carnivore diet. It's Friday and I've had a long week. I'm coming to a point in this journey that I'm getting bored. I'm getting sick of eating meat. I am feeling very torn.  I miss eating veggies with my meals. I also miss fruit. I need a coffee. I really want to quit this carnivore diet. But I love the benefits. My face is clearing up. I have had zero acne breakouts. My digestion is the best it has ever been.

I don't know if I can continue.  I know that I am feeling this way because tomorrow is the start of family day weekend for us Canadians. Family day for us centers around food and fun. It is not going to be as easy to accommodate this diet. I picked the worst month to do this challenge. This month had Valentine's day and now Family Day. What was I thinking? I have experienced so many benefits from the carnivore diet. Why can't that be enough for me? Am I addicted to eating the things that affect my health negatively?  I am realizing that eating just meat is more than just willpower. I wonder if my health issues were more in the serious realm would I be willing to give up vegetables, sugar, carbs, and junk food for the rest of my life. If sugar and processed cause these issues, why are they marketed to families so heavily? Also, why has red meat been given such a bad press. So much to process today.

Dinner today was guess what??? Steak, eggs, and bacon...meh I say meh because I am bored and I desperately need variety. My steak did look and taste good.
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Just in case you missed it. Here is my CARNIVORE DIET DAY 7 UPDATE!

Flashback video! I wanted to share with you all my thoughts about my first 30 days of trying the keto diet. I'm starting to realize that everybody's journey on keto is very different. If you have been doing keto for a while or if you are new to keto I'd love to hear from you. Check out my video here: 

Check out my before and after videos below.  How I lost 30 pounds in 90 days!

Flashback to day one, if you are considering one meal a day or omad. This is me at the start of my journey.

Please note: I took one teaspoon of black seed oil and in the morning and before going to bed. I also drank two glasses of apple cider vinegar water. I added two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to ten ounces of water. 
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