Wednesday, 25 July 2018

OMAD Intermittent fasting DAY 362!

Hi friends: It's day 362 of omad! This morning I went for an hour long walk. Then I went to my dentist appointment. My teeth and gums are in great shape. I take one tablespoon of molasses to reverse my graying hair. Some of my subscribers have asked me if it has damaged my teeth. It has not. However, I have some gum and teeth issues in the past mostly because my diet was high in carbs and I ate lots of sugar. I wonder if my new way of eating has aided in my teeth and gum health?? I have not shared my new diet with my dentist. I am waiting for her to ask me what I have been doing differently. 

After my appointment, my daughter and I went to see Hotel Transylvania 3 at the new VIP Cineplex theatre. We had a great time. The movie was so funny and well done. Before the movie, my daughter had a poutine for lunch and I had a bottle of water. I will admit that I was tempted to have some poutine as well. I also wanted to get a coffee too but I resisted temptation. What do I do to deal with temptation? I remind myself that I can have these foods during my feasting times. Breaking my fast is not worth it. I remind myself how wonderful my steak will be in just a few hours. I remind myself how far I have come. 

As for popcorn, we both did not have popcorn. I was at the 18-hour mark of fasting. Man, it smelled so good too. My daughter had a Gatorade and I had water. She is not really supposed to have popcorn because of her braces. Once again I remind myself that I can have popcorn during my eating window which was only 2 hours away. Since Monday I have been doing the carnivore diet, low key. I really want to go back to doing carnivore Monday to Friday and the weekends I want to do keto or have the weekends as cheat days. Routine really works for me and it is so easy to do the carnivore diet during the week but on the weekends I like to eat other foods.

Today's dinner was steak, pork bellies, and egg drop soup. 
Black Seed oil/ACV | Weight loss journey update 2018!

Black Seed oil for Weight Loss One Month Update + Omad

The truth about the CARNIVORE DIET! 30-day challenge completed!


Please note: I took one teaspoon of black seed oil and in the morning and before going to bed. I also drank two glasses of apple cider vinegar water. I added two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to ten ounces of water. 
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