Saturday, 7 July 2018

OMAD Intermittent fasting DAY 344!

Hi friends: It's day 344 of omad! Not the best food choices today for my meal but you all know that I like to keep it real my friends. My family and I went to have sushi. We didn't go for the all you can eat. However, we ordered a la carte. We all ordered the beef rib bento box. When I have had the beef rib I always get acid reflux. Today I decided to just ignore my past experience and indulge myself. What a big mistake I made. I had the worst acid reflux and digestive distress. I am happy that I got this reminder. I am really feeling that I am going back to bad eating habits. Summer is a bad time for me. There are temptations everywhere. I feel like I just want to relax and eat whatever whenever. I know that I want to eat clean for my health. I understand that eating junk should just be a once in a while thing.

I am not gaining weight but I am starting to feel bloated again. The acne has returned. For some reason, in the summer I love to eat fruit. I notice that I have been eating lots of papayas, mango, and even fried plantains. I have just been craving these things. All of that sugar and fiber is not benefitting me. I want to go forward not backward. My one year anniversary is coming up and I don't want to be where I was a year ago. Things are going to change. 

Today's meal was California rolls, beef ribs, shrimp tempura, and McDonald's ice cream cone. I am out of control!


Black Seed oil for Weight Loss One Month Update + Omad

Flashback to day one, if you are considering one meal a day or omad. This is me at the start of my journey.
Please note: I took one teaspoon of black seed oil and in the morning and before going to bed. I also drank two glasses of apple cider vinegar water. I added two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to ten ounces of water. 
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